Richard Hoeg(non-registered)
Rowed with Jim Latin at Dartmouth. He keyed me in to your photography site. Great stuff. I also love night photography including the Northern Lights. Have been out four times in the last week photographing the Aurora! Enjoy the night. Here are my Aurora pics ...
Jim Mika(non-registered)
Keep taking those interesting pictures! They are Great!
Stunning photos - a beautiful site
Fabian Soldano(non-registered)
Went to your presentation last night at the Millbrae library. Excellent
Albert Wey(non-registered)
Having known you for so many years, I didn't know you have such a talent. Great job, Bill.
David Haddon(non-registered)
The pics are Phenomenal!! Are you sure there wasn't any trickery going on here?!?! Keep posting...I will check back regularly!
Beautiful photos ... you're very talented, Bill
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